Who would not want to leave the other party in a good aesthetic impression? This must start from scratch. We recommend you several new non-mainstream wig hairstyle 2011, there is always a right for you.

Key words: hair

Natural non-mainstream curly hair, messy level, random sort, so this section of non-mainstream wig hair without losing the lovely nature.

Curly hair, curly hair fluffy and full of fake profiles, interpretation of the yearning for the old days, this hairstyle is the 20th century, a product of the seventies and eighties, represents freedom and self.

Down low-level, straight hair and not connected to the external length, cute, sweet, but reveals a wild feeling. This is proof of that sentence: "angel face and devil's heart."

To smooth lines and rear V-bangs romantic curl children the most eye-catching, both with Chinese characteristics, yet stylish and popular atmosphere.

Keywords: dress

What will you dress? One is proud upstart, one sweet lady? Or dressed as a gentleman and calm girl hot? Two opposite styles, like the perfect lover.

Atmosphere: Outdoor BBQ, friends

With the law: Jeans are a favorite of young men and women, dressed in jeans natural comfort, but also to highlight the reckless side of the young lovers will be increasingly handsome boy survived off, the beauty of a girl dressed up out of neutral. Mix of cowboy lovers should pay attention to the color similarity, due to the different dyeing and process, denim is also a wide variety of color and texture, and straight, speakers and other styles of dress is also somewhat different results.
lace front wigs
Atmosphere: The date after work

With the law: If the occasion requires working couples can not wear casual clothes to work, choose the couples suite is not bad. This is similar to the couples suite is installed, usually suit-style jacket is a jacket, khaki colors, mainly black, are suitable for both men and women wear. Couples can choose a suit coat and carefully close the cotton round neck T-shirt, the color can be selected according to their preferences, as long as the appropriate combination can achieve good results.

Atmosphere: The large amount of movement activities such as playing, etc.

With the rule: favorite sports lovers meet here in the sports arena, of course, to demonstrate the feeling between lovers on the board. Select couple sportswear must consider what sort of movement, as highly specialized sportswear men, divided into basketball equipment, sportswear and other soccer equipment and integrated, you can choose according to type of sport, sportswear for women face are more broad, general categories of sportswear and fitness equipment can fit a normal ball.

Atmosphere: hiking fun, country outing

With the rule: a simple cotton casual shirt is the best choice loose, this casual shirt is always a wide variety of patterns, letters, numbers, flowers, animals and other interesting patterns together, form themselves into a variety of interesting images most young people, the characteristics of individuation. This T shirt casual wear in many stores in many colors to choose from, couples can choose the best according to the different mix of preferences.full lace wigs full lace wigs 
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